Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Well, here we are. Again. I’ve actually had blogs before, most notably when I was a college undergrad (on Xanga [remember Xanga? anyone?]) and a graduate teaching assistant working on my M.A. in English (on Blogger, the site for which is still active; read as you wish). These are the two times that have stuck before, mainly because they helped to document important portions of my life. Those also ended when those respective parts of my life ended, with graduation in both instances.

So, what’s this blog about, then? What’s the gist of it?

Basically, it’s about me, Adam W. Mills. It’s about me and my adventures in working toward my twin goals for my life: becoming a full-time writer and teacher of writing. I love both activities with all my heart and would love nothing more than to write and teach for the rest of my life (hopefully making a comfortable living while doing so).

When I write, I tend to write stories in nonrealist modes: science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, slipstream, surrealism, weird fiction, horror, etc. I love bending and shaping reality into different forms that somehow wind up being more real than reality. I also have a strong interest in experimental literature and stories that warp, subvert, or deviate from supposedly traditional forms of narrative. My academic interests revolve around two things: 1) the study of literature similar to what interests me as a writer (i.e. weird stuff) and 2) the instruction of the art of writing to those who would benefit from learning it (i.e. everyone). The way I see it, I owe much of who and what I am to language and the effect language can have on others. I would be remiss to avoid repaying my debt.

It would be reasonable to assume you’ll see a lot of content about writing and teaching, then. And you would be right. You are going to see:

  • Me writing about my stories and the process of writing/revising/submitting them
  • My opinions about my job as a per course English instructor at a rural community college
  • My quest to turn these part-time activities into something more substantial and permanent

That said, I don’t plan on writing about myself the whole time. No, that would be annoying. I get enough navelgazing in my non-Internet life, thank you. No, I also intend on the following:

  • Sharing insights I gain into the publishing industry, as informed by my various encounters and obstacles on my way to publication
  • Celebrating great stories and writers I think should get more attention, or renewed critical analysis
  • Creating special interactive narratives that readers can participate in as I write them
  • Examining and appreciating narrative in forms beyond fiction, including but not limited to comics, video games, and poetry
  • Sharing stories of what it’s like to live in my small town, which often gives me inspiration for my fiction even as I look for opportunities to flee

You’re joining me on the ground floor of my career. Right now, I’m the guy who wrote “Bear Gun” in the Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities. I wrote “A People’s History of the Arrival” for The Land Bridge, a start-up anthology series edited by the incredibly talented Zachary Jernigan. I teach developmental composition on Fridays at the local community college. I’m proud of these things, but I also want to do and be more. With luck and hard work, I’ll get there, and you’ll be right alongside me the whole way.

There’s nowhere to go but up.

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